Naked Male Strippers

Our Naked Male Stripper have just started touring once again, we will be spending most of our time early this year in Scotland UK, if you are unable to visit our show to see Our Naked Male Stripper dont worry because we will be filming all our shows and publishing the contacted of our Naked Male Strip shows for you all to see.

A story about Our Naked Male Stripper! We formed our troupe as far back as 1992 in these day we performed at local clubs not to far from where we lived, the shows then were quite tame in fact we never even got completely naked, after some years of performing we realised this was not what he women wanted; they wanted to see Naked Male Strippers.
The first occasion our lads stripped completely Naked was a night to remember, some of them where a little nervous but others could not wait.
We were in a sleepy little village in North Wales in a night club, the show was about half way through before the Naked Male Strippers showed there cocks to the girls and boy what a reaction the males strippers received.

We never envisioned the impact this one night would have on our futures, from that night on every show we did Our Male Stripper performed totally Naked.
In all honesty a great male stripper is some one who just adores to me seen Naked, by being naked some of the strippers because sexually aroused and by doing so the women get more frisky it is not uncommon for the women to perform sexual acts with the naked stripper live on stage not to mention what they get up to back stage after the show.

I once remember walking out from behind the stage after a show, all the women had left except for one very good looking young girl who I remember so well, it may be because one of the other strippers was fucking here on the table she was loving it, of cause its hard not to get involved when you see your mate fucking a stranger on a pub table! Well the rest is a memory, dont think I will forget it for a while!

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