Male strippers

Male Strippers

John Becoming a Male Strippers was an easy decision, he had been a kiss-O-gram for a few years it was a slight carries change for him. Male stripping has a relatively short life span once those abs starts to disappear.

His first show was to take place only a few miles from home the agent who had decided to book him out, done a great job promoting the Strip Night, soon the women were flowing through the door, John was already back stage polishing himself up ready for those greedy women.

The DJ was playing the right Kind of music; slowly winding the girls up to fever pitch, the time had come Johns music began, his first step on stage was a nervous one
After the first few seconds he got right into the flow, the women screamed John got them screaming even more once he got that impressive cock of his out, the women were amazed at the sheer size of it, one woman after the show asked John if his father was a Horse!! The Night was a great success, the women enjoyed the show the agent was full of smiles John got paid every one was happy, John continues Stripping he is busier that ever.

Becoming a Male Stripper takes a special type of person you need a lot of qualities to be successful obviously you need a good body, but most importantly you need the right attitude this will ensure you have a long and prosperous career in the Male stripping Business.