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CFNM Story
Below we have listed one of our Cfnm stories, our story page has been added especially for those of you who prefer story reading to images and videos.

Enjoy our story.

John had been in this predicament on more than one occasion the night in question was no different to any other, he had probably performed in over 150 CFNM parties over the 4 years of being a stripper.

Back stage John continued to get ready, through the corridor near his changing room he could hear the women gradually getting louder as the drink flowed, there were only about 30 women at this particular CFNM Party but they certainly made a racket.

There was a knock on the door, John was naked at this point, hold on he replied, the door slowly opened and in stepped the organizer of the show a woman of about thirty five, good looking wearing a short black skirt and lacy top, Nice tits John thought!! Hi she said my name is Tracy, the organizer of this CFNM party! Slowly pushing the door behind here, John at this point had only enough time to grab a towel to cover his lower half,
Now alone in the room with Tracy she asked John pretty much the same sort of question he normally hears; how long are you on stage etc... John could not seem to take his eyes of Tracy