CFNM Clothed Female

CFNM Clothed Female,

CFNM is an abbreviation of (Clothed Female Naked Male) the term has been around for some years but only recently has it become more popular. CFNM translates into many different scenarios, for example it could be one man Naked in front of a single women; or a group of men Naked in front of a group of women; Whatever the case as long as the women stay fully dressed this seems to be expectable for CFNM.

The term CFNM works well for us because as most of you know Male strippers generally take their clothes off in front of women, so in essence we would be prime candidates for real CFNM.
If you think about it Strippers were probably the beginning of CFNM they have been around a very long time.

Once the man is Naked the women fully Clothed CFNM starts to take shape, the sexual acts consist mainly of Hand Jobs and Blowjobs with the Female remaining the dominant party! The men usually submit to the women thus allowing the Female to dominate the situation completely, This is not entirely the case with Male strippers; the Stripper usually remains the dominant party, allowing the women to touch them when they are happy. However you cut it CFNM is a simple yet pleasurable Fetish, If you wish to see more on the topic select from one of the links below.
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